5 Top Tips for a Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding

A backyard wedding can be both beautiful and classy if pulled off in the right way, to avoid seeming cheap and tacky we’ve created a list of our top tips to help your day be both affordable and unforgettable!

  1. Is there actually space in your backyard? Consider how many people you wish to attend your wedding; can the designated space hold them all? Will you be having the ceremony and reception both in the backyard? If so, is there space to set up both so one flows into the next? The last thing you want is for cramped guests!
  2. Rain, rain and more rain?! Always have a plan B with a backyard wedding. To ensure your special day can continue without a hitch regardless of the weather, setting up tents or marquees is often an excellent investment, match this with a portable dance floor and rain or shine your reception can move smoothly forwards.
  3. Get Creative! While nature will undoubtedly take care of much of the aesthetics of your wedding, further decoration is necessary, If your garden already has a theme creating a wedding theme that is an extension of it will ensure continuity, as well as save you both time and money. Don’t be scared to go DIY! Often the best decorations are the ones you create yourself, ensuring they are exactly as you want them. Make a point of difference, a main attraction which will keep guests entertained and enthralled throughout the entirety of your wedding.
  4. What season is it? Although it is your big day, the comfort of your guests needs to be taken into consideration, if you are planning a summer wedding, ensure ample shade and cold beverages are readily available for all guests. For a winter wedding, heat lamps or fire pits make an excellent addition, warm drinks such as mulled wine or hot chocolate is often highly appreciated – it is the small things that can make or break a wedding in the eyes of the guests.
  5. Preparation is key – in the months and weeks leading up to your backyard wedding, it is important that all aspects of the garden are maintained, planted, changed and weeded. This process must be started well before the big day, as plants are fickle and require nearly as much love and attention as the bride!