Why Budgeting is Important for Your Big Day

So you’re engaged! And about to embark on planning the biggest day of your life! Now picturing the perfect day I’m sure all sorts of details spring to mind… Who will be there? What colour will the bridesmaid’s dresses be? What type of flowers will you use? Will that one relative drink everyone else under the table and take up 90% of your bar tab again? (You all know the one I’m talking about).

But as with everything in life, getting married is expensive, and requires months of careful planning and organising for your day to turn out exactly as you imagine it. The best possible point you and your partner can start this process with is deciding on a budget, and sticking to it! Whether it’s a $5,000 budget or a $50,000 budget, careful consideration needs to be implemented for every expense.

  • Create a breakdown of expenses, things that the wedding cannot move forward without… Rings, a celebrant, a photographer and a venue are a great starting point. Other accessories can be added at a later date when you know how much wiggle room you have within your budget after all the essential expenses are out of the way.
  • Start small! It is easier to add more people to the invitation list at a later date than have to explain to guests that unfortunately your budget no longer covers their attendance at your big day.
  • Organisation is key to avoid your wedding spending spiralling out of control, make a list of the items you need, and pay things like deposits well in advance to avoid excessive expenditures all piling up at once!
  • Do your own research! Don’t rely on second hand information or “average” prices you find online or in magazines, find your preferred suppliers and negotiate a proper price to avoid paying excess hidden fees at a later date.
  • Create a contingency budget. Unexpected expenses happen when planning an event this large, and the last thing you want is to be left without an essential item at the last minute. A contingency budget gives you that backup should the worst occur.
  • Remember the small expenses! They all add up eventually! Things like postage and party favours may not immediately spring to mind when you think of your wedding, but beneath the surface is a long list of expenses which needs to be catered for within any budget!

Your big day is important, and creating a budget will ensure that your married life can get off to the best possible start.

5 Top Tips for a Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding

A backyard wedding can be both beautiful and classy if pulled off in the right way, to avoid seeming cheap and tacky we’ve created a list of our top tips to help your day be both affordable and unforgettable!

  1. Is there actually space in your backyard? Consider how many people you wish to attend your wedding; can the designated space hold them all? Will you be having the ceremony and reception both in the backyard? If so, is there space to set up both so one flows into the next? The last thing you want is for cramped guests!
  2. Rain, rain and more rain?! Always have a plan B with a backyard wedding. To ensure your special day can continue without a hitch regardless of the weather, setting up tents or marquees is often an excellent investment, match this with a portable dance floor and rain or shine your reception can move smoothly forwards.
  3. Get Creative! While nature will undoubtedly take care of much of the aesthetics of your wedding, further decoration is necessary, If your garden already has a theme creating a wedding theme that is an extension of it will ensure continuity, as well as save you both time and money. Don’t be scared to go DIY! Often the best decorations are the ones you create yourself, ensuring they are exactly as you want them. Make a point of difference, a main attraction which will keep guests entertained and enthralled throughout the entirety of your wedding.
  4. What season is it? Although it is your big day, the comfort of your guests needs to be taken into consideration, if you are planning a summer wedding, ensure ample shade and cold beverages are readily available for all guests. For a winter wedding, heat lamps or fire pits make an excellent addition, warm drinks such as mulled wine or hot chocolate is often highly appreciated – it is the small things that can make or break a wedding in the eyes of the guests.
  5. Preparation is key – in the months and weeks leading up to your backyard wedding, it is important that all aspects of the garden are maintained, planted, changed and weeded. This process must be started well before the big day, as plants are fickle and require nearly as much love and attention as the bride!

Picking The Right Theme for Your Wedding

Selecting a wedding theme

Marriage preparation takes time, and usually, people who do weddings are new to the scene. Not all people get married twice right? So usually, they have no experience to begin. This article won’t be the ultimate guide on how to pick the right theme for your wedding, but this will help you out a lot. After all, no one can create an ultimate wedding guide due to the fact the people’s preferences are diverse.

Plan based on your resources.

Before deciding on a theme, be aware of your budget and any other resources. One primary resource that you should always take note of is the venue. Venue won’t matter if you can afford any place available as a venue for your wedding, but if you only have limited options to choose from, decide on a place you can afford and prepare for a visit.

Choosing a Wedding RingGo to the site and take notes of everything important. Is it open? Will it be possible to set up some sound system? Is there enough facility for hanged decoration? If you’ll going to need your partner’s decision in the theme, go with your partner so that both of you are aware of what is waiting for the both you and you’ll be able to decide better.

The venue is not just the resource you should know of; you also need to be aware of other stuff like catering service, gown, will it fit the theme, wedding cars rental, etc. Keep this in mind while deciding on what kind of theme are you going to choose.

List down options and communicate with your partner and friends.

Now that you’re aware of the resources, it’s time to list down plausible theme. Maybe you are a star wars fanatic, and that closed covered venue can be easily converted to feel like a spaceship, be creative with your options, after all, this is just a list.

Maybe you want everything to be super formal with the tux and designer’s dress. Communicate with your friends to ensure that they can prepare for it. Not everyone can come up with a proper costume in a short time and telling them will let you gauge if something is viable or not.

Decide on something and commit to it.

Now, you have a list of the possible themes; it’s time to get to the action. When choosing a theme, look up the future, no, not just the wedding event itself, future as in the time after 20-40 years.

A particular idea may be silly right now, like, snow white theme with all those dwarves, but it will be golden memories in the future. Once you get decided on a theme, don’t forget to commit to it, giving it your best. Even a ridiculous idea could be one of the best if executed well.


Happy Couple

Deciding on a wedding theme is important, but do not let it be the focus of your wedding. After all, the wedding about you and your partner. Do what you can do, commit to it then enjoy your wedding, and it will be one of the most unforgettable time of your life.

Recommended Perth Limo Hire

A very common thing do on your big day is to hire a limousine to taxi you around and for taking memorable photos. Even for an average wedding, the total cost for the special day is relatively high. Not that many of us mind spending that much money, but we definitely want the money to be well spent! We want the best possible service to make us feel that extra special. So hiring a limo for your wedding should be done only after you’ve shopped around for the best value deal.

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Although Chrysler limos are arguably the best types for a wedding, many out there on the road are old and tired (to say the least). But Perth’s Lavish Limousines are the polar opposite. Being bold with their selection of Chrysler limousines has made them a popular choice for Perth residents. Their limos are modern, sophisticated but yet elegant. So even if you’re after a brand spanking new limo for your wedding day, then this Perth limo hire company will definitely deliver!

Not only will they have the perfect limo for you, but their customer service is even better! In our very recent survey, all of the people who have used their service had said that they are 100% happy with the customer service received. From the very start, right through the end of the day. Nothing can be faulted. Unlike other limo hire companies, who received negative review from our same survey. Impressive limos and top notch service should give you enough reasons to choose this featured company over another.

So if you’re looking for a reputable limo company in Perth. .Then we highly recommend Lavish Limousines. Want to know more? then give them a call on (08) 9349 0455 today! Tell them we sent you!


Seven Ideas for a Perfect Style Wedding

Seven ways to style your wedding

Your wedding style forms an important part of the overall experience. It can get a little overwhelming to achieve that perfect finish in the much awaited ceremony. Following are some unique and gorgeous ideas to make your day the most memorable:

weddings amoung natureNatural Weddings

1. There is nothing like getting married in the lap of nature. Let the decoration flowers flourish the way they are. Get in touch with your florist and ask them to incorporate flowers that sprout and fall in all directions. These unstructured shapes give an altogether different feel to the wedding decorations and strike an appealing contrast when paired with a sophisticated theme. Can you imagine the beautiful bride in the pretty white gown walking through the aisle of ferns, orchids, snapdragons, Bo-ho’s, etc.?

Royal Attire

2. Is the couple any less than the royals on their wedding day? Well, if there is any room to not believe so, let fill that up as well. Get the all-time adorned gilded crown and metallic trends that provide the perfect feel of the royal splendor. You may even ass golden cutlery, plates and frames that feature Baroque along with bold ‘Mr and Mrs’ thrones.

Simply Stylish

3. Love simple things in life? Even we do. But who said simple can’t be stylish? Make use of Ribbons and transform your wedding decor from ‘simple’ to ‘simply stylish’. Ribbons are available in all colors, width and material. Make the decor just the perfect one that complements your wedding style. What about ‘Tied Ribbon Chair’ decoration?


4. Ever thought why fusion is in so much in demand? For that perfectly serene white theme ceremony, can there be any option better than the black to get that fusion? Mix the sophisticated style of your wedding with the Gothic black. You may put the layer of black napkins, use black signage or may even go for the black furniture to give that perfect fusion style!

stylish weddings in the woodsFairy Tale

5. Some weddings are no less than fairy tales. Want to give that heavenly look to that of yours? Make use of the floating fabric running through the beams or hanging from the ceiling of your wedding venue and we bet it would be no less than a fantasy! You may even get the silk draped across your tables or can get your bouquet wrapped in long trailing ribbons to give that majestic feel!

Destination Celebration

6. Want to do something different amidst the different surroundings? Destination Weddings are the perfect way to give that buzz to your most awaited day. Hold your breath to get married at a destination which is not only classy but picturesque as well. Exchanging vows in the exotic location with beautiful surroundings and exquisite cuisine must be exciting. Isn’t it?

Sunset Theme

Sunset wedding

7. Weddings are all about having perfection with imperfections! Get that perfect look with the sunset theme wedding. Extraordinary things happen when you combine that majestic ambience with that mesmerizing dim light of the setting sun. You won’t even realize but you will be taken to another word of truly immersive experience!

For more wedding ideas and tips for your wedding day, check out the home page for the latest blog posts.